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The funnest sightseeing bike tour company on the planet! Join us for an exciting, slow paced, bike trip around Munich, Germany. You'll ride in grand style on a vintage cruiser and visit the top tourist destinations.

Welcome to Munich’s most effective and affordable way to bike tour the city - Rad City Bike Tours. The term “Rad” signifies the backbone of our company; radical tours and our relatively modest, trend setting tour guides. Rad also comes from the German word “Fahrrad” which in layman’s terms (English) means bike or Munich, Germany“traveling wheel.”

On our "Rad" tours, you will enjoy one of the most unforgettable sightseeing tour experiences during your stay in Munich. Our tour guides are all native english speaking professionals and have all lived in Munich for years. So don't worry about language concerns, the main prerequisite for signing up for a "Rad" tour is being able to speak English, our guides will teach you the rest.

Our bike tours are very relaxed and easy going, you don’t have to be an Olympic athlete, just keep your legs moving in a circular motion. It’s not rocket science people. Rad City Munich Bike Tours

We want you to enjoy your 4-hour sightseeing bike tour through Munich, which includes a 45-minute stop at the Chinese tower in the Englischer Garten (One of the largest public parks in the world which takes its name from the eighteenth-century landscaping fashion which tried to create parks resembling untouched nature). Our tour guides will lead you through the medieval areas of Munich, adding humor, history and breath taking views of buildings dating back to the 11th Century.

Explore our site and learn more about us, Munich and the art of bike touring. Contact us for all of your English tourist information, we welcome any comments or questions.


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